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28 Jul 11

Oxford signs Spanish Back to School deal with DIS2

The licensor for the University of Oxford licensing programme, Oxford Limited, has signed a deal with Spanish company, Dis2, for a Back to School range of bags and stationery. The first range of 10 designs is already in product development for launch in 2012.

"The Back to School category is a natural fit for the Oxford brand and a key category introduction, so we are delighted to welcome Dis2 as the latest licensee to join the programme," commented Chris Evans, MD of Oxford Limited. "We have already hosted the Dis2 team in Oxford and given them a snapshot of the heritage of the University, which will help them understand the DNA of the brand and the sheer breadth of assets available to them for product development."

"The Dis2 company is well known for working with well‐established brands on a long‐term basis. We look for brands that convey values beyond mere passing trends or fads, and Oxford University fits this description as a brand with a long tradition that has been able to adapt to changing times," says Joan Mateu, Marketing Director of Dis2. "We have a strong commitment to Oxford University and are convinced that it is a brand that is very well received in the market‐place. We are currently working on product development and on the creation of our first collection, which will capitalize on the high levels of brand awareness generated by Oxford University and its logo."


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