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30 Aug 12

Timothy Oulton presents new University of Oxford collection at Maison & Objet

Timothy Oulton will present the new collection of furniture and accessories inspired by the University of Oxford at Maison & Objet in Paris this September.

Sharing similar values, visions, aspirations and a significant British heritage, the University of Oxford and Timothy Oulton naturally combine to create a unique furniture collection. Inspired by the University’s 800 year old heritage and extensive archives, this new range incorporates truly authentic designs combined with the fresh modernity of Timothy Oulton.

The striking new colours added to this collection reflect this theme of authenticity combined with a youthful, contemporary sensibility. In addition to the trademark Oxford blue, an intense, playful hue of saffron has been added, which is reminiscent of the gold of the University’s crest, while the deep cardinal red velvet references the colour of the cardinals’ cassocks worn by Cardinal Wolsey, founder of Christ Church College.

More highlights of the collection include cushions featuring the boating stripes, a significant symbol of the college life, appearing on blazers and scarves worn by members of the different college boat clubs.

The quality and excellence associated with The University of Oxford and Timothy Oulton, clearly manifest themselves in this collection thanks to the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing of each piece. Drawing on years of experience, Timothy Oulton brings his expertise in handcrafted products to this new collection where each piece is made using time-honoured techniques. No two pieces are the same, and the vintage aesthetic is cleverly reinterpreted and given a modern twist through an emphasis on themes such as sport and a preppy student lifestyle, making it relevant for today.

Timothy Oulton says of this new collaboration; “I am very excited to collaborate with the University of Oxford. It has such a rich heritage, which is at the same time thoroughly British but also truly international and the youthful, aspirational energy that the name Oxford evokes acts as a great inspiration for the furniture collection we have developed.

About Oxford
The University of Oxford is the oldest English speaking University in the world and has been in existence for more than 800 years. Over the centuries, the University has built a reputation for achievement and excellence and has become a global brand that people respect, admire and immediately relate to. Alumni of the University include politicians, leaders, businessmen and influencers around the globe.

About Timothy Oulton
Born in Manchester and immersed in his father’s antique business since childhood, Timothy Oulton inherited his father, Major Philip Oulton’s eye for beauty and his intrinsic ability to see artistic value and perfection in a product’s design.

All Timothy Oulton furniture is handcrafted using the best tested techniques and fabrications and reverberates with a delicate balance of tradition and innovation. Every piece is meticulously crafted with fine artistry and skilled craftsmanship, with the usage of exquisite materials. Paying the utmost attention to detail, Timothy Oulton craftsmen ensure this by painstakingly hand-constructing and hand-finishing each piece of furniture. Countless man hours are put into each product to achieve an artistic standard that ensures distinct individuality.

Adding an ecological touch to the brand, Timothy Oulton uses reclaimed timbers for their furniture. Wood is salvaged from distilleries, mills, Old English Manors as well as disused Chinese Junks. The salvaged wood bears the authentication of time and natural weathering – imperfections are cherished, making each piece one of its kind.

The collection will be presented at Maison & Objet, Paris
7 – 11 September 2012
Hall 7, stand F31 G32


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