What makes us different?

Classic English

The University of Oxford represents a quintessentially English proposition, combining our achievements over nine centuries with a role in shaping the modern world that sets us apart.

Brand History

With over 800 years of history, the University of Oxford has a matchless heritage of outstanding accolades and achievements. The setting in the heart of the city of Oxford is iconic, and the name of the University is associated with quality, excellence and incredible accomplishments.

World Recognition

Our extensive heritage supports an immediate and strong brand recognition for the University of Oxford, with the majority of our target consumers around the world knowing our name. This awareness puts the Oxford brand at a level that many can only dream of achieving.

Brand Perception

As a result of consumers' understanding and expectations of the Oxford brand, it lends itself naturally to high-quality products which can be sold at a premium.

Breadth of Potential

Ranging from the untapped documents of the University's archives through to the expertise and knowledge of Oxford academics, unique opportunities are available which can extend across all relevant categories.