Core Values of the Brand


Oxford is a unique historic institution. The oldest English speaking University in the world, it can lay claim to nine centuries of continuous existence. The fame of the University has spread around the world, and it is ranked amongst the very best establishments of higher education for the quality of the teaching, and for the numerous discoveries, breakthroughs and research projects that change the world we live in.


The University is rightly held up as an example of the highest standards, for the teaching and research that takes place there, and for the quality of the minds it produces. Consumers will expect the very highest quality of product, materials and packaging when they consider licensed Oxford goods, and in return will be happy to pay a premium. The presence of the University of Oxford brand will be a mark of reassurance and refinement, and the product that is associated with the brand will be excellent.


The competition for a place to study or teach at the University of Oxford is fierce. Through the achievements of our students, staff and alumni; the innumerable features in literature, film and television; and through our contribution to the shaping of the modern world, we can be held up as a truly world class aspirational brand. This inspires trust and triggers desire in consumers to be more closely associated with us.